A Complete Guide to Getting Leather Lounges in Sydney

If you’re looking to upgrade your sofa, leather lounges in Sydney are a great option as they provide elegance, style and comfort to any home. This article will outline everything you need to know about what to expect with your sofa.


The benefits of leather lounges in Sydney

Sofas made from hide offer several benefits that fabric sofas don’t. These include:


Leather lounges in Sydney provide a certain modern elegance, whereas fabric sofas are more traditional in appearance. Sofas made from hide can add a trendy, sleek and high-end atmosphere to a room.


They are also much easier to clean than fabric sofas due to the smoothness of the material. A simple dusting or wipe down with a cloth should be enough to keep the sofa clean and tidy. Leather lounges in Sydney are durable, too, with the potential to last for decades if taken proper care of. They should be conditioned often in order to protect against splits and cracks.


Sofas made from hide offer the added benefit of being allergy-friendly as the material is less prone to harbouring pet fur, dust mites and other allergens than fabric.


The drawbacks

It is also important to consider some of the potential disadvantages of leather lounges in Sydney. Whether the material is suitable for you depends on your lifestyle and needs. The major drawbacks are:


The biggest drawback for most people is the upfront cost of leather lounges in Sydney. Whilst their durability means that they last longer than other materials and thus the cost pays off in the long run, the initial expense can be off-putting.

Sensitive to temperature

leather sofa

Sofas made from hide are typically more sensitive to temperature. This means that in the cooler months, you may find the sofa feels quite cold. Similarly, in summer, the sofa may be hot to the touch. This can be uncomfortable for some people, although it may be managed by using temperature control in the room.


Some people find that leather lounges in Sydney aren’t as comfortable as fabric sofas (while others enjoy the feeling). You may find that you can get used to the feeling of the material, or you may want to put a throw over it.

Less variety in patterns and colours

Leather lounges in Sydney also offer fewer options in terms of colours and patterns than fabric sofas do. This may not be an issue, however, if you are after a simple and modern-looking sofa.


How to take care of your sofa

It is important to look after your sofa in order to ensure that it lasts for decades. You can do this by:

Wiping it with a cloth

Use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to wipe down your sofa. This should be done at least once a week (and straight after any spills) in order to prevent dust from building up.

Using cleaners designed specifically for leather lounges in Sydney

Some cleaners could damage the material, so ensure that you use a cleaner that is suitable for the material of your sofa. Cleaning up spills quickly can save your sofa.

Vacuuming inside

Sofas accumulate dirt, dust and debris over time, particularly in the cracks between the cushions. Use a vacuum in between and beneath each cushion in order to keep your sofa clean.

Keeping it out of direct sunlight

Leather lounges in Sydney can become cracked or faded if left long-term in direct sunlight. Try to keep your sofa in a cool, dry place, ideally not underneath an air conditioner or by a heater or fireplace.