What to consider when hiring your furniture removalist

Hiring a furniture removalist is no arbitrary task. It’s important that you hire someone who is capable of looking after your furniture when you move.

Whether you’re a business or a family, moving properties can be extremely stressful and the last thing you want to deal with is someone damaging your furniture!

It’s important that you make sure to consider these factors when choosing your furniture removalist. Save yourself stress and minimise risk by thinking about the following points!


This is so important for a service such as furniture removals. Experience is how these companies learn to hone their skill and provide the best possible service.

You should be looking for a firm that has the experience to back their claim and won’t make clumsy mistakes with your prized possessions!


It’s always a good idea to research into what people say about a business before hiring them. You should know about what kind of experiences previous customers had to ensure you are getting the right people for the job!

Make sure you have a look at their reviews and see what their weaknesses are. It might be that they are a fairly good company, but just not suited to the job you want done.

On the same train of thought, asking people you know who’ve had good experiences with furniture removal services can be a good way to start your own search.

Customer service

Sometimes the customer service you are provided with can make all the difference! You don’t want to be dealing with someone unpleasant and hard to talk to and work with.

Reduce the stress involved by choosing a company that is easy to communicate with and values you as a customer. This will give you an idea of what their actual service will be like, and whether they will go the extra step to make your experience pleasant.

Services offered

Be informed about what services the company you choose offers. It’s important that they can protect your furniture with a high grade packing material.

You should also think about whether your company is willing and able to assemble your furniture after delivery, and clean up before they leave.

These extra services are important to ensure you have a good moving experience! While you might only think about the transportation of your furniture at first, there is a lot that goes into setting up your new place.

What services can furniture removalists offer for your local move?

There’s so much involved in the relocation of furniture that people often don’t think about until they have to. Because of this, many people underestimate the job of furniture moving and put it down as something you can easily do by yourself.

In reality, this is not so much the case. Furniture moving needs a good amount of strength, equipment, and careful handling.

There are so many other obstacles involved with moving into your new home. You might have to clean out your property before you can start doing your average tasks around the house.

Furniture removal services have developed a set of services to benefit their customers and make your move as easy as can be. Read below to find out more!

Storage solutions

Furniture removal services can often offer a great deal on storage solutions for their customers. They recognise the nuisance of having to shift things around and know that sometimes their customers need a temporary place to store things.

Whether you are downsizing or staying in a temporary accommodation while you sort your relocation out, furniture removal services are a good place to look for a short-term storage solution.

Furniture protection

You never want to hear the news that something broke on its way to your new house. It’s one of the dangers of transporting your assets by yourself and not hiring a professional to do the job.

Furniture removal services will have the essential materials to protect your furniture and precious belongings so that you don’t have to worry.

The high-grade materials professionals provide are specially designed to do their job and keep your furniture intact!

Packing service

Your furniture removalists are no doubt experienced in packing your furniture. This is a key part of moving and protecting the assets you own.

The way your furniture is packed impacts on the safety of transportation. Especially if you have fine art, antiques, or fragile pieces you are looking to transport, a packing service is essential! It will make sure that your wares in good care.

Home cleaning

Yes, even some furniture removal services offer home cleaning, and it makes the move so much more convenient for you!

This service can ensure that all the rubbish is taken out, the oven is cleaned, and everything is ready so that you can leave your old property behind and move smoothly into your new one! For those on a tight schedule, this service is priceless.

What furniture removalists can offer for your business

Whether you’re a small or large business, if you’re moving locations you will no doubt need a furniture removalist.

While some companies believe that they can cut costs by sourcing cheap services or doing it themselves, in reality it takes a lot more effort than you might think.

Especially when you have a business to run, it is vital to hire a professional to do the job for you. This is because as a business you must be time-efficient and effective, this means outsourcing the activities your business is not suited for.

Below are some of the key things that furniture removalists can offer for your relocating business!

No fuss

The ultimate reason you’ll want to hire a professional to do the job. When you have someone handling the task who’s accustomed to doing so every day, you’ll face less stress with how everything is going to go.

The experience and expertise of a professional will keep you calm about how your assets will handle the move. Best of all, you won’t have to be taking charge of the process – the professionals will sort it out for you!

This means that you’ll have time to focus on the things you really need to – your business! Don’t waste your precious time worrying about the process of things you aren’t equipped to do. Hiring a professional is only logical to save time and effort.

Minimal disruption

As a business, you want the disruption to your daily activities at a minimum. This is something that a professional can provide.

Skip having your equipment get jumbled up and missing items. Hire a professional who can transport your furniture with little displacement.

Specialised logistics

Whatever the scale is of your move, there’s a removal service out there for you. The development of logistics means that you can benefit from innovations in the sector.

Specialised equipment for different scales of relocating can be beneficial for your business. Hiring a professional will allow your company to reap the benefits of such equipment!


This can be a key aspect of moving, especially if you are a large business with plenty of assets and inventory, or if your business is facing a standby.

The waiting period for relocation is tricky to handle and it is vital for you to think about warehousing. Even if you aren’t facing a waiting period, having a warehouse to store assets in can be beneficial for the smooth progress of your relocation.

Furniture removal services essential for your business relocation

Relocating a business is no easy feat. There are so many different things you have to think about. One of the key things in the relocation process is setting up your furniture and equipment so that your business can run smoothly.

Whether you’re in the hospitality sector or work corporate, it is integral to your company’s ability to function well.

To ensure that your business can continue to deliver its product or service smoothly, the relocation service must be smooth as well. Hiring a furniture removalist is important as your business can benefit from services they offer.

Here are a few furniture removal services that are vital for your company’s relocation!

Comprehensive installations

Having a removal service that can offer a comprehensive installation service for your business is extremely beneficial.

Every business has a tight schedule to work on and this remains true during relocation! Every moment that is unnecessarily wasted on inefficient moving is a moment your business could be gaining clients.

Because of this, it’s important that you think about how you are going to set up your new location after you move your equipment. In this case, it is efficient for you to hire a furniture removal service that offers all the services necessary for your business to get up and running as soon as possible.


Fit-outs are an essential part of setting up shop for business. When you move properties, you need to consider how you are going to use your new space to maximise business and productivity.

Fit-outs are vital so that you have a set-up your business will thrive in. Make sure that you consider the fit-out of your new property in advance!

Fixtures and equipment services

The equipment necessary for your business to thrive should be considered in the move as well. It is necessary for it to be set up before your business resumes work.

Whether it is setting up white goods and electricals like fridges, or fax machines, consider if your furniture removal service will go the extra mile to test out the functionality of your equipment.

Most businesses have equipment integral to their operations so make sure you think about this in your relocating process!

Your business relocation is important for the productivity of your business, so make sure you take the time to plan in advance so that you don’t run into major problems in the future!

Benefits to hiring furniture removalists

Furniture removalists are extremely useful if you are looking to move pieces of furniture. Rather than doing it yourself, hiring a service will ensure that you have people who are experienced doing it for you.

Furniture isn’t easy to move! Make sure you save yourself the effort and potential injury and leave it to the experts. Take good care of your furniture by hiring a good furniture removalist.

Continue to read to find out the benefits of having the experts move your furniture!

Keep your furniture safe

When you hire a furniture removalist, they will pack your furniture for you to ensure that when it is travelling, it stays protected. Hiring a service is good in this case as they already have the materials and equipment necessary!

This ensures that their materials are of a good quality and your furniture pieces will be protected in their transportation.

Save time and effort

Save the time it’ll take to make multiple back and forth trips by hiring a furniture removalist. While it might be tempting to save your money, in reality the costs probably won’t differ by that much when you consider potential damage to your furniture, time spent, and effort spent.

Considering the stresses that already come with relocating, you can save some stress by just hiring a service to do it for you. You can rest assured that your furniture is being taken care of and focus on things that most require your efforts.

Experience and expertise

Those who are trained and qualified as furniture removalists will obviously have an edge over you attempting to do it yourself. As with any trade or activity, knowing the tips and tricks of moving furniture come with time.

There are probably problems you haven’t even thought about that the professionals know how to avoid. The expertise that they have is valuable – don’t underestimate it!

Neater and cleaner

It is neater and cleaner for you to hire a service for your furniture because they will often help you assemble your items. Any materials they use to transport your items will likely be dealt with by them as well.

Hiring a furniture removalist will allow you to have a no-fuss experience and ensure that you have less to do. Skipping the headache-inducing furniture assembling and lifting leaves you with more time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

By hiring the tradesmen to do their job, you can save so much in time and effort!