What Goes Into Shiseido Hair Straightening?

Technology has gotten to the point in this era that it can provide a solution to any problem that we may have. With that in mind it comes as no surprise that there is a modern solution for helping people get the straight mane that they have always dreamed of.

There are an abundance of different permanent methods out there that claim they are the best but in reality can ultimately damage your locks. Shiseido hair straightening claims to be one of the best methods and follows up on that by providing the same service without some of the nastier side effects. Below we are going to go into detail why you should opt for Shiseido hair straightening and what you can expect when you go into the salon.


How does it work?

For those individuals who suffer from frizzy, wiry and unmanageable locks there is a permanent solution to your problem. Shiseido hair straightening uses chemicals to breakdown the bonds in your hair. This is then accompanied by heat straightening to alter the strands from a curled nature to straight. While this method is quite time consuming and expensive compared to other treatments, the results are unparalleled as you will be left with some gorgeous straight mane. You will find that these treatments typically take 4 to 6 hours to complete.

straight hair

How do the stylists apply the chemicals?

Firstly when you arrive at the salon for the Shiseido hair straightening your head will be washed thoroughly and conditioned with a conditioner that has a very high protein percentage. Typically it is recommended that you start using this type of conditioner 2 weeks in advance before your appointment. This is recommended as the conditioner will increase the tensile strength of your locks and allow for the process to run smoothly without any hiccups.

Next the stylist will apply the chemical agent cream to your mane and will let it rest for a period of time. This cream is the actual straightening agent that will help you get that pin like mane. During this part they will pull your locks down as to get all of your follicles as parallel as possible. Once in the stylist will let it dry in a hooded heater until they believe an appropriate amount of time has passed and their inspection checks out.


The ironing begins

Once the chemical has dried the more time intensive part of the Shiseido hair straightening begins. The stylist will go at your locks with a high quality flat iron to make sure that each strand is inline as a pin. You may feel the heat from the iron as they bring it closer to your scalp but don’t fear as they have done it countless times before and you should be fine as long as you don’t move.

Due to this part taking the longest you may find that a couple of other stylists will work on your strands at the same time. After this process is complete they will add a neutralizer to your scalp and wash it out after 30 minutes. The ions within each strand of your head will be reacting with the oxygen in the air which is why it is important that you don’t wash it for the next 48 hours.



With every chemical process there are some drawbacks to Shiseido hair straightening. Firstly you won’t be able to change colour as the chemical alters the strands. You may also find that if your mane grows faster than normal that you may have to redo the regrowth yourself after 3 months.

While there are some drawbacks the pros definitely outweigh the cons which is why many people opt to go with Shiseido hair straightening.