Why Tree Pruning Is Fundamental For Professional Gardeners

There are a lot of practices that fall under the jurisdiction of a gardener. From hedging to mulching and mowing, these experts have to have a number of tricks to their arsenal in order to maintain and condition a garden to its optimal standard.


Tree pruning happens to be one particular activity that is often overlooked and underestimated.


Here we will examine why tree pruning is fundamental for these professionals, as the benefits and rationale extends far beyond just the look of the item in the back or front yard of a property.

Boosts Tree Health


Disease happens to be something that can really affect the status of a tree if left untreated at the source. Tree pruning is therefore implemented to ensure that the illness does not spread to the point where the tree is untreatable and it has to be cut down and chopped up for chipping purposes. These are assets that live and die just like animals and have to be looked after if they are to grow and thrive for many years to come.

Assists Production of Fruit


Tree pruning helps to cut back on dead limbs for items that happen to produce fruit. As disease and insects fester on those limbs in and around the tree, they tend to spread and affect the surrounding healthy limbs where fruit is usually produced. By running at an optimal condition where there are no dead limbs weighing down the tree and attracting unwanted guests, then there is greater capacity to produce pears, plumbs or anything else that you care to grow on the vine.

Seasonal Conditioning


A trained and skilled horticulturalist, landscaper or gardener will not undertake any activity in isolation without a grander plan. Tree pruning happens to be one practice that is part of a strategy to improve and maintain the condition of a garden and this is something that will only take place during particular seasons.


The ideal periods for this pruning will take place when the growth for native plants is at its most dormant, and this points to the autumn and winter months of the year in Australia. Should the pruning take place in the hotter months, more sap can be lost and with bees and insects in close proximity, there are more hazards and danger to surrounding wildlife. This is not even to mention the challenges encountered by the gardener when the heat is really on.

Safety Measure To Eliminate Hazard


Tree pruning is a surefire way of cutting back from branches that stick out and pose a safety hazard to those in close to it. Whether there is traffic that walks underneath it, if it is situated near a cubby house inside the tree or situated nearby a power cable, there are major problems if a tree is left to its own devices and to grow out of control. For safety reasons alone, this is a healthy practice for a gardener to undertake at regular intervals.

Improve The Aesthetics


Overseeing a professional who can do the tree pruning on a property simply helps the aesthetics of a garden. When there are limbs and branches hanging off in all directions, it is a shabby look that does not speak well of the condition of the rest of the garden, even if there are efforts to maintain its quality. Rather than leave this facet of the garden to its own devices, why not allow an expert to bring out the clippers and pruning tools to cut back what is growing beyond its original bounds.



Having given some context to the practice of tree pruning, hopefully your gardener is someone who understands all of the fundamentals of this activity. Regular and scheduled tree pruning is not only beneficial to the tree, but the surrounding environment.