Why You’ll Love the Best Paella in Sydney

If you are looking for the best paella in Sydney, there are plenty of providers that can help you with your Spanish dinner needs. Just as famous as other Spanish foods like chorizo and Spanish omelette, this dish is as delicious as it looks. Notoriously hard to perfect at home though, if you are thinking of cooking it yourself, it would be best to call in the best paella in Sydney to help you out.


The best paella in Sydney will give your Spanish house party that level of authenticity that you wouldn’t get otherwise. The rice-based dish which is seen by non-Spaniards as a national dish is domestically only known as a dish associated with the Valencian region in the south-east of the peninsula. With several types of dishes, including seafood, mixed and vegetable, this recipe can cater to those of all tastes, even more reason for you to call in the help of expert Spanish caterers to feed your starving guests. At whatever the occasion, whether it be a birthday party, wedding reception or a Spanish themed party, this dish will please all who get a taste.


The Valencian dish in its original form contains rice, meat, green beans, white beans as well as saffron and rosemary.  Many different meats can be used including duck, chicken and rabbit.  The origins of the dish are thought to date back to the Moors occupation of the south of the country. Rice was a staple in local’s diets and so it became customary to include in all meals. Still cooked today during Spanish holidays, it retains its popularity both in Spain and around the world. Whether best paella in Sydney can make it up to the standard of chefs in Spain is another question.



As the main ingredient is rice, it is a relatively cheap dish to make if you are thinking of having a dinner party. Not necessarily easy to perfect though, you will need to a brave cook to take on the challenge of getting this rice dish perfect. However, with several varieties to choose from, you will be able to make something to please even the pickiest eater.


You’d think that Valencians would be happy that their signature dish is copied all over Spain and all over the world, but alternatives of the dish have not gone down well with some food critics. Jamie Oliver, the famous English chef, was one who came in for some criticism after including chorizo in his signature version of the dish. Chorizo is not traditionally included in the dish, and his recipe was seen by some as an affront to Valencian culture.  Any caterer offering the best paella in Sydney should be sure to avoid the same mistakes if they want to claim authenticity among any Valencians tasting their cuisine.


The best paella in Sydney is becoming more and more popular. Regular booked out weekends in advance, if you want some of this tasty, rice-based Valencian dish made to perfection and delivered to your venue, then you’ll want to book well in advance. You will not be disappointed though as the it will be of the highest quality.


So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and book some best paella in Sydney as soon as you can. If you don’t have a reason for doing it, don’t worry, do it anyway. You and the guests you eventually invite won’t regret it. The hardest part will be choosing an excuse to throw a party but once you mention this dish, all of your guests will RSVP without a second thought forgetting the reason for the get together in the first place.